Thursday, January 28, 2010


Posting kali ini saya kirimkan dari komputer sekolah saya. Terus..?? Apa pentingnya? Hehehe... Sebenarnya tidak ada kepentingan apa pun. Hanya saja ini pertama kalinya saya menggunakan fasilitas internet di Sekolah sedangkan teman-teman saya sudah berkali-kalimencoba untuk bermain internet di tempat ini. Saya tidak pernah menggunakan internet di sini bukan karena saya gaptek lho... Tapi, saya lebih senang untuk menggunakan fasilitas internet di rumah. Rasanya lebih nyaman. Kenapa ya..?? Apa mungkin karena saya penganut slogan: 'rumahku istanaku'..?? entahlah... hehehe...

Tapi, sebenarnya kenapa saya posting seperti ini, karena ketika saya sedang membuka blog tiba-tiba saya dipenuhi keinginan untuk menulis dan mempostingnya di blog saya ini. Dan berhubung saya pusing hendak memposting apa, akhirnya terbentuklah kata-kata seperti tadi.

Haha... Mungkin ini adalah salah satu posting saya yang tidak memiliki makna. Tapi, tak apalah. Paling tidak hasrat saya untuk menulis dan menambah postingan di blog saya terpenuhi.

Sekian Dan Terimakasih. :)
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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Spirit of Life


“Clara! Are you ready for today?” Said Karen with embraced Clara. Clara just gave her smile to answer her friend’s question. “Ready or not, we must ready isn’t?” said Clara to her friend, Karen. “Yeah!” said Karen and saw her watch, “oh... it’s a quarter to seven already,” said Karen and felt the sun shine on her cheek.
The sun started show his light and the school was started noisy by the student who already came and walked in the coridor. Clara showed the most beautiful smile that she ever had. Made everyone in the coridor wave their hand, smile, and say ‘hi’ to her. And magically give a cheer in the morning in the school.
Clara was become one of the favourite students in her school. Because she was a really kind girl beside she was an intimate, pretty and smart girl. And she had a friend who very solidary with her named Karen. Karen was a nice, kind and pretty girl just like Clara.
Many people ask them if they were a sisters and for some people who don’t kow them well always think that they were twins. They just laughed if heared that and tell the truth. But, that’s not so curios. Because both of them have an interesting face. Clara has a little body with a cheers smile like a little girl and Karen has a firm body with a nice eyes which darn that she always ready to protect Clara. Clara like a little sister when they walked together.
And the most important is nobody in this world who really close like them. They like a sibling or maybe more. If we use the words that a little poetical, we can say if Clara is a flower so Karen is a buterfly, if Clara is an earth so Karen is a soil. Karen was the only place for Clara to cry, laugh, smile, et cetera. She was the only person who make Clara felt so comfortable to share a happiness or sorrow. And Karen neither.
* * *
In the day, the street was really stuck. The people who can’t be patient anymore push their klaxon and make this day become more noisy. Maybe it’s caused by the sun that was hot and hot and hot.
Clara and Karen, who leaved their school already, seem so tired on their way to go to Clara’s house. Today Karen will go to Clara’s house for to do their task together. “Your house is still far Clara,” said Karen. “I know. But that’s not mean we’ll never arrived to my house.” Clara’s said with a smile just like her habit.
“You know Clara? The sun really make me tired. Can we turn off the sun for a while?” said Karen. “That’s a good idea for me,” Clara agreed and than they laughed. “Maybe it’s better if we have a soft drink in our hand now,” said Clara and saw around hope find a market so they can buy a soft drink. Karen nod her head.
Suddenly, “This is really a bad day!” Karen’s sigh accidentaly. “What’s the matter?” asked Clara. “I still feel dizzy for the test. For algebra test! What a test!” said karen. “Oh c’mon... That’s not really bad. Just see the positive side for today.”
“And what is positive side for today?”
“I don’t really know actually. Hehe...”
“Oh yeah... That’s make me REALLY better,” said Karen without smile. “Hey... I’m kidding... be calm girl! That’s just a test, remember? Don’t be so mad like that,” Clara tried to to make quiet down Karen. “Yeah... And if I get a bad mark, my parents will be so mad at me, remember?” Clara just smiLed listen Karen’s compliment.
Now they felt more thirsty than before so they stop their conversation. Hope it will helped them to stop their wish to drink. Their step became faster and faster. The sun really make this day like a hell for them both who try to be patient until they arrived to Clara’s house.
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