Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Spirit of Life


Finally, after a long time walked they saw a house which painted by a white colour, big and very high. In the garden ofthat house, grew a lot of flower with many kind colour. In the left side of the house, there was a cradle and a little pond. Theirface saw happy when they saw the house, because that was Clara’s house.
Now, they stand in font of tha house’s gate. The colour of the gate was white with the flower accesories and a box for post. Clara was opened the door in hurry and run away to home. “Thirsty...!” she said with a loud sound. Karen followed Clara’s step because she felt thirsty too but she juast follow Clara until the livingroom and waited for Clara there.
“It’s for you,” said Clara with a glass of orange juice in her hands. “thank’s so much!” said Karen and start to drank until the glass empty. “Huh... It’s make me better,” said Karen and Clara just smiled listened that.
Suddenly.... KNOCK...KNOCK... KNOCK...
Someone knocked the door. Clara opened the door. They think someone who knocked the door was Clara’s parents but it only Clara’snanny who came to have a lunch.
Karen pay an attention that in this glory house, Clara’s parents were seldom she saw. There were just Clara’s house-maid. And Karen more often saw Clara with her nanny, not with her paraents.
But, although Clara living with that situation, her face never look so sad. She always smile and keep moved on with her life. In her heart, Karen really wonder for Clara’s power to face her problem.
“Hey Karen... What are you thinking about? Don’t day dreaming like that. We come here to do our homework together, remember?” said Clara, woke Karen from her imagine.
* * *
At the moment, while Clara and Karen did their task together, there was a sound of an opened door. Clara didn’t think something negative, “it’s just a wind,” in her mind.
But suddenly, without Clara knows her parents came and went to their bedroom without any words to said for their daughter, Clara. For a minute, Clara stopped her activity because she listened something noisy from her parents’s room. And unexpected that her parents were quarell and than she went to her room for cried. “What’s wrong Clara?Why areyou crying?” ask Karen when saw her frined cried. “My parents don’t tell me if they will come to home. And when they arrived, they don’t make me happy. They just fight, fight and fight. And they don’t remember me and never ask how my day! It’s really make me dissapointed and sad!” said Clara with her tears on her cheek.
“Clara... Enough! Don’t cry all of time. That doesn’t mean anything,” said Karen try to stopped Clara’s cried.
“That isn’t it! I’m tired to feel strong for this problem! Everytime I come to home, or maybe I must say, they come to home, what I often get is they only fight in front of me. Is this a greeting for me or what?!”
“Clara!!! Although I understand with your loneliness without their love, but I will try to stay calm and be with youwhen you want to share everything with me. Although I’m not your best frind.”
“Thank’s Ren... I understand what you were feeling about me that everyday alwas lke this. Perhape my life is have to be like this.”
“Hey... Don’t said like that Clara... You are the strongest girl I ever know. Nobody can face every problem that they get. But you, you always face it and you always smile even in the hardest situation. Tell me if you know someone who can do the same like you.”
“I’m not stronger as you’re thinking about. Sometimes I feel tired with all of my problem”
“I know that. That’s a common think. You’re a strong person, strong girl, stronger than you’re thinking.”
Suddenly, every shouts and screams from Clara’s parents was stopped. Clara’s face turn more calm, and Karen felt happy for that. But after a minute, Clara’s mother went out from the room with a sadness on her face. “Wait for me here, Karen,” said Clara with a nod from Karen’s head.
Clara go after her mother and tried to console her so that her mom didn’t felt sad anymore. “What’s the matter mom? Why are you look so sad?” ask Clara. “Nothing dear. It’s just about misunderstanding between me and your dad. It doesn’t really matter,” answered her mother.
“But mom... I’m your daughter! Why you don’t tell me what’s wrong? And let me help you both!” Clara still tried to ask. “No. It’s our problem.”
“Don’t be too selfish for share with me, mom. I’m your daughter, remember? And I’m grow become older. I can listen for everything that you want to share. And maybe I can help even for a little.”
“No. Like I said before, it’s our problem. A parents problem. You mustn’t know the problem now,” said her mother and leaved her daughter alone.
* * *
Karen still did her homework when Clara come back with a sad face. “What’s wrong Clara? Why are you look so sad?” Without answer, Clara sat beside Karen and sigh, ”I’m not success to amuse my mom.” Karen embraced Clara and order a cup of hot tea. Clara smiled and nod her head. That wasn’t so hard for Karen because he often play to Clara’s house so even Clara has a big house, Karen knows every corner in Clara’s house.
When Karen back to Clara’s room, she saw that Clara was feel better now. “Thank’s” said Clara when Karen gave the tea. Suddenly, Karen felt that Clara need an entertainment situation which noisy and made them enjoyed. In Karen’s mind, the best place was mall. “Hey Clara... What about if we hang out?” ask karen. “Where?” said Clara.
“What about a mall?”
“I think that’s not so bad,” smiled Clara. “Ok! So, let’s finished our homework and played!” said Karen with a spirit.
* * *
Karen and Clara finished their homework in a minute and went to the mall soon. They watched a movie, shoping and did many things theres like made a joke. They spent their time just by their selves till the time passed. Until they felt tired but they felt happy, too.
“Clara, are you hungry?”
“Huh..?!” said Clara, she was seeing bag in a shop. “Hey.. Do you listen to me? Clara..!!!” yelled Karen. “What’s wrong Karen? Can’t you see that I’m busy now?”
“No I can’t! Because my stomach is more busy than you. It forced me for fill in a food” said Karen. Clara laughed, “ok then. Let’s go eat,” Clara pulled her friend’s arm into a food corner. When they arrive in food corner suddenly Clara feel dizzy. But she didn’t tell Karen. She afraid Karen will worried. However, finally Clara felt that she can’t stad that anymore and she complain that she dizzy to Karen. “Ok. Let’s go home now and let me accompany you to your house.
* * *
When she arrive at home, she hadn’t time to change her clothes and take some powder. Suddenly, her parents called her, in her little heart, “what’s the matter? It’s not ussually they called me?” and she approached her parents.
“What’s wrong mom, dad?”
“Dear, there’s something that we wanna tell you. It’s about......”
“Your job, right?” Clara cut her mother’s word and tried to smile when she said like that. “Yes dear. You’re right. We’ll tell you a thing that contained our job and our life, honey.”
“What’s that?” Clara still tried to smiled.
“we make an agrrement to move to out of Indonesian. So that we don’t need to back and forth australia-indonesia,” explained her parents and made Clara’s smile dissapear. “Did you not love me anymore mom? Dad? If you go there and leave me here, who will accompany me?” Clara start to cried but she wiped her tears because she won’t her parents see her cried.
“Dear, how is? Do you permit us to go and lived there?” ask Clara’s father.
Clara didn’t answer her parents. She runs to her room and didn’t want to talk with her parents. But, it didn’t take a long time. After a several time, Clara’s emote get down and than she came to her parents. “Mom, Dad, I was make a decision. You may go there,” said Clara and tried to smile because her heart was still feel hard to permit her parents leaved her alone in Indonesia.
“Are you sure?” asked Clara’s mother.
“Yes, I’m really sure. If it’s make u feel comfort, I’ll also feel it,” wise answer.
“Thank’s my dear. We’ll always keep u safe from there although we are so far each other, you have to know that we’ll never ever forget about you.”
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